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The nuances of the production of cosmetics for the face

The full production cycle of facial cosmetics consists of several successive stages. At the very beginning, an idea is worked out, marketing research is carried out, the type of cosmetics, design, and type of production are determined – single or serial. Then the existing recipe is developed or supplemented, raw materials are purchased, containers are selected, packaging design is selected. Samples are tested and approved. Our company is ready to take over all stages of this rather complicated and responsible process.

Manufacture of cosmetics for the face

The transformation of raw materials into finished products is a rather complex and interesting process at the same time. It begins with the preparation of the premises and equipment, instructing the staff, hanging the ingredients in accordance with the recipe. The creamy texture characteristic of most types of cosmetics is formed in reactors. First, water is poured into them and heated, and then, according to the technical map, ingredients are added. The solid components are melted and mixed in the fat furnace boiler for their sequential supply to the reactor and connection with the water component. Then the resulting cosmetic mass is homogenized, cooled, mixed, unloaded. Samples are transferred to laboratory control. Compliance with the standards of all product indicators is checked – viscosity, color, odor, density, consistency, pH level. The method of accelerated aging determines the duration of the cosmetic product for the face. Subject to successful verification, the product is packaged in jars, bottles, tubes on automatic lines with marking and labeling.

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Types of facial cosmetics

Facial cosmetics are divided into several categories:

  • cleansing – foams, milk, scrubs, tonics, micellar water, peels;
  • tonic – tonics and lotions;
  • moisturizing, nourishing, softening – creams, serums, emulsions, masks, fluids.
  • Brands of men’s and women’s facial cosmetics develop a series of products for dry, oily, normal, combination, sensitive, problem skin. There is also an age division. The formula of a moisturizer for mature skin will be significantly different from a serum for teens.

What are facial cosmetics made of?

Ingredients and their proportions directly affect the effectiveness of a particular type of facial cosmetics. Most of them are based on water. Therefore, it must be of the highest quality. Preservatives give creams, masks, and serums longevity and reliable protection against bacteria. Natural extracts include propolis, eucalyptus, bird cherry, birch extracts. The addition of beeswax as a structure-forming agent contributes to the formation of a thin film on the skin that protects the skin from dehydration. Moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating effect of facial cosmetics depends on the presence of bioadditives and vitamins in it. The most common: plant extracts, elastin, keratin. High-quality anti-aging cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid, the latest scientific components: such as peptides and amino acids, fruit acids obtained from apples, lemons, tropical fruits. Collagen is used to intensively moisturize the skin. Imagine, it is able to absorb liquids 30 times its own weight! To protect against solar radiation, not only zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is now used, but also complex professional chemical filters from the best German manufacturers.