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Health is the most precious thing we have!

How to preserve this gift of nature yourself and help other people in this? Modern medicine, with its powerful pharmacology, is good at curing acute cases of disease and, unfortunately, does not cope well with chronic pathology, the treatment of which requires a comprehensive and integrated approach.

Numerous clinical studies have confirmed that it is possible to prevent many diseases, reduce the risk of their occurrence, avoid relapses of chronic diseases, normalize metabolic processes in the body only on the basis of a balanced diet, which should include biologically active food supplements.

What are dietary supplements?

According to the official definition, biologically active food supplements (BAA) are natural (identical to natural) biologically active substances intended to be taken with food in order to enrich the diet with them. Dietary supplements are not a passing fashion, but the present and future of preventive and dietary nutrition.

Dietary supplement is a health product, the unique composition of which satisfies the human body’s need for all essential (irreplaceable) nutrients and has a positive effect on the entire spectrum of metabolic processes in the body.

An increasing number of clinical observations based on the experience of practitioners testify to their effectiveness. It is extremely important that dietary supplements can be taken independently, according to the recommended doses, without fear of harming yourself, because dietary supplements act gradually and have no side effects.

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The human body is made up of cells. To ensure normal life, each cell needs:

  • oxygen,
  • water,
  • proteins, fats, carbohydrates (in the ratio 2:1:1),
  • vitamins,
  • macro and microelements,
  • herbs that compensate for deviations in the work of the body.

The development of industry, the growth of cities, the number of cars, led to the emergence of environmental problems. This means that modern man breathes polluted air and drinks polluted water.

The reduction of acreage, chemicalization of agriculture and animal husbandry, the emergence of food preservation and processing technologies have led to the emergence of a “double trap”:

  • on the one hand, there is a huge deficiency of vitamins, macro- and microelements (some are absent in food at all),
  • on the other hand, the presence of a huge amount of harmful substances (preservatives, dyes, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, etc.).

The real ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is 0.5:2:2. Modern food has become a “food of empty calories.” A huge amount of stress in modern life increases the body’s consumption of vitamins and trace elements. Food products due to scientific and technological revolution have changed a lot over the past hundred years. Progress in crop and animal husbandry, as well as innovations in the food industry (in particular, the production of refined products) have led to the fact that vitamin A has completely disappeared from beef or chicken meat, the content of thiamine (vitamin B1) has halved, 35% less iron, 20% – magnesium.

A storehouse of vitamins – vegetables and fruits have become like dummies in theatrical productions: they look beautiful, but they are of little use.

In an apple, iron has decreased by 96%, magnesium – by 82%, phosphorus – by 84%, calcium – by 48%. Almost all vitamin A has disappeared from oranges, as well as iron – it has decreased by 75%. The cabbage has lost 85% calcium and 50% potassium. It makes no sense to continue this list, since the numbers in it for many products will be similar.

A sedentary lifestyle has led to a reduction in human energy consumption by about 2 times compared to the 19th century, which means that a person began to eat less.

The practice of using plants and herbs to improve health and help the body is largely lost today. What people have been using for their health for thousands of years is rarely used today and is called “alternative medicine” for some reason.

Scientists have found that in order to get the optimal amount of energy necessary for life and health, to ensure normal metabolism, a person must consume about 600 micronutrients (vitamins, macro- and microelements) daily – substances that are needed in microdoses, but every day. If we consider the function of only one cell of the body, then more than 2000 biochemical reactions occur in it every minute, which are made up of simple substances such as calcium, iron, selenium, vitamin C, etc.

And if a person does not receive even one component, then a failure occurs in thousands of biochemical reactions. As a result, the cells cannot work normally, accumulate the products of these reactions and become slagged. To this are added harmful substances from the air, water and food. This is how the disease gradually develops. This leads to health problems.

And if there is a disease, then there is a reason to use medicines to treat it. For some time, drugs reduce the painful symptoms of the disease, but the true causes of the disease, metabolic disorders and reduced immunity remain.

The disease continues to develop and after a while becomes chronic. Further treatment with drugs is not only useless, but also harmful, because they cannot eliminate the true causes of the disease, and with a weakened immune system, provoke the emergence of new diseases.

Conventionally, all people can be divided into healthy, there are about 20% of them and sick (there are the same number), about 50% are people with a disturbed adaptation system, 10% of people are in a state of pre-illness. Everyone needs dietary supplements, but only the sick need medicines.