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A guide to micronutrients that the body needs

We understand the question: does our body really need additional vitamins and dietary supplements, and if so, in what quantity?

What are dietary supplements and vitamins?

Vitamins are organic substances thanks to which our body functions properly and all chemical reactions proceed without interference. Most vitamins (exceptions are vitamins D, K and B3) are not synthesized by the body itself. We get them through food. At the same time, the dose of vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the body is quite small – about 100 mg per day.

Dietary supplements are usually used to promote health, but not to treat diseases. There is also no evidence that dietary supplements are effective in cosmetology, help with hair growth and protect against brittle nails.

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What vitamins should children take?

Today, most doctors conclude that there is no need to prescribe an additional multivitamin to a child. The main thing is to create a diet that will include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, meat, fish and seafood.

Vitamins and supplements should be given to children who follow vegetarian, vegan, or other diets, as well as to those whose illnesses can cause nutritional deficiencies in the body. But in these cases, you need to select drugs only with your doctor, and not according to recommendations on the Internet.

How dietary supplements help

There are cases when dietary supplements are prescribed even for treatment. Of course, these are not herbal preparations, but supplements with some kind of active ingredient. Usually, a specialist prescribes such a treatment regimen when there is no access to suitable medications or a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements is proven. At the same time, dietary supplements, of course, do not treat chronic diseases.

Dietary supplements are also used in sports. With these additives, intensive loads are more easily tolerated.

If you are already taking dietary supplements, be sure to tell your doctor about it. Otherwise, there is a danger: the supplements may react with the medications that you will be prescribed.