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Ranking of the best sports nutrition manufacturers for 2022

One of the effective measures to combat extra pounds is playing sports. On this occasion, many start an Aliexpress gym. Active training helps in a short time to put the body in order. Many, getting rid of excess weight, begin to desire the existence of more. Here you can not do without the help of sports nutrition staff. Since an active lifestyle is currently gaining momentum, many companies on the market are engaged in the production of specialized nutrition. With the help of this rating, it will be possible to figure out which manufacturer of sports nutrition should be preferred.

What is sports nutrition

As the saying goes, we are what we eat. People who are not worried about their health and are overweight consume a large amount of fast food, washing it down with soda. Others, on the contrary, are only raw vegetables. There is also a group of people who have shelves filled with specialized food in bright jars and bags. This is sports nutrition or sports nutrition, as it is called by professional athletes.

Sportpit is a nutritional supplement that is produced specifically for people who are actively involved in sports. This is the detection of the appearance of proteins, fats and foods, as well as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Of course, at first glance, all this can be obtained from ordinary products, you just have to follow the rules of nutrition. But in the specialized nutrition of these micro and macro elements appear in a concentrated form. Therefore, with their help, you can easily fill the deficit, increase endurance and strength, increase muscle mass and normalize metabolism.

Produced by sports nutrition for scientific research in the field of nutrition and physiology. Therefore, such concentrates have an exact composition so that the body can better absorb the beneficial properties of the product. It is also worth noting that such nutrition refers specifically to the need, and is not a complete product of the diet. The body spends less energy and time on splitting the body, for this reason, such products give a person energy and give the body an energy charge.

Although this product causes an active lifestyle in people, not everything is felt in it. If there are quite a lot of healthy foods in the diet, then due to the content of nutrients, a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, fats and food products is obtained, that is, there is no usefulness of using sports nutrition. It will be useful for athletes if there is no time to cook healthy and varied food. But still, before you start consuming such products, you should mix with a specialist. Also, for people under 18, sports nutrition is contraindicated.

Types of sports nutrition

Depending on the goals pursued by the athlete, there are several types of injuries.

To build muscle mass, improve endurance and increase the activity of the activity gainer. This scheme is a mixture of compounds and compounds falling out of it in the form of a powder. Typically, gainers contain one part of protein and three parts of it. Protein helps build muscle mass, and also contains hormones that form an energy charge.

A fairly common protein treatment, which is a protein concentrate. To build muscle, the protein that is part of regular foods will not be enough. Therefore, special powders are used. Also, during massaging, it’s not the fat layer that can go away, but the muscle layer, in this case protein intake is also necessary. Such powders form fast and slow proteins, the purpose of which depends on the goal of the athlete.

There are also amino acids that are excreted in the form of capsules or tablets. This element is a protein composition, therefore, such supplements are used to improve endurance, as well as to restore the body. The results of the supplement include the concentration of the amino acid or their complex. Single amino acid supplements are used for quick recuperation, as a fat burner, or to improve stamina. The complex of amino acids replenishes protein deficiency and helps build muscle.

For improved endurance, energy boost and damage to the muscle growth product creatine. This design is available in the form of capsules, tablets or powder. This product is involved in energy metabolism, and with its use in the initial process, energy oxidation begins. For the best effect, it is recommended to use it together with a gainer.

Levocarnitine is taken to speed up the process of burning fat and improve stamina. This supplement is available in powder, tablet, or capsule form. With increased loads with the help of such an additive, fatty acids are oxidized, which leads to a decrease in the fat layer. It also releases a significant amount of energy, which helps increase stamina.

How to take sports nutrition

Depending on what additives are contained in the sports nutrition, there are rules for taking the product. So, since protein is considered the most common option, you should start with it. There are several types of protein, but any of them should be taken after a workout. Also, the frequency of reception can be different, it all depends on the characteristics of the organism. It should also be taken on days when there is no physical activity, since muscle growth occurs precisely during rest. The amount of protein will depend on body weight, usually it varies between 5-20 grams per day. It is best to dilute the protein powder in water, so it is faster and better absorbed by the body. In addition, milk or juice is suitable for these purposes. If you take protein in the form of casein, then it is better to do it at night or in the morning before breakfast.

A complex of amino acids in the form of capsules should be taken in the morning before meals, as well as before and after sports. If the amino acids are in the form of a powder, then they dissolve in water, and then are taken during the training process, as well as before bedtime.

Creatine is taken by lovers of power loads. But in order to achieve the desired result, you must follow the rules of administration and dosage. In the first week on training days, you should take no more than 10 grams of such a supplement. In this case, the first half of the norm should be taken a few hours before training, and the second after. On days off from work, take 5 grams of the product. Starting from the second week, the dose can be doubled. The course of admission should not exceed one month. After that, a break is made for 2 weeks.

A supplement such as a gainer is necessary to increase calories in the body. To get a boost of energy, the gainer should be taken before sports. If you take it after a workout, then there will be an increase in mass, just in this case, the body will learn to consume carbohydrates. Please note that this supplement is not recommended to take before bedtime.

Fat burners are designed to speed up the metabolism in the body. Therefore, for quick weight loss, it is better to take them before active training, it is also allowed to use them during sports.

Criterions of choice

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The choice of sports nutrition should be approached with extreme caution, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the desired result. Therefore, before buying, you should decide on the goal. For some, this will be weight loss, for others, weight gain, improvement in performance. Based on this, you should choose a specific additive.

Having decided on the type, you should study the manufacturers. Today, many companies are engaged in the production of sports supplements, so when buying, it can be difficult. Some in this case try the products of various companies, and then find the best option for price and quality. You can also take the advice of an experienced trainer or read reviews on websites or forums. But everybody is different and what works for one person may not work for another. In addition, many recommend buying products of foreign brands, talking about the high quality of the product. But such products will cost much less than domestically produced products.

Do not forget to carefully study the composition of the product. Certain supplements have a number of contraindications that can adversely affect the patient’s health. Therefore, choosing a particular product, it is better to consult with a specialist. This is especially important for people with chronic diseases.