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E-commerce Sales: 9 Psychological Secrets

Do you find it hard to increase your sales? Do you want to improve your conversion rate? If so, this post is for you!

If the psychology of sales is new to you, check out the 9 psychological secrets below and see how it will help you increase your sales and conversion rate.

  1. Make a Trade 

According to the principle of reciprocity, when you give someone something, they tend to return the favor. In sales, lead magnets are one of the best examples of this principle.

A lead magnet refers to a resource that customers get in exchange for their contact information, often in a free digital download form. After new leads enter your sales funnel, you can start building a relationship with them and convert them into buying customers.

Additionally, you can offer a free content “only” available for a “limited” time because it creates a sense of urgency. So, your potential customers will not think twice about buying your offer since they fear running out of time.

  1. Tell a Story 

When offering a specific product, including product details in the description is critical. Remember that a detailed product content is one of the reasons why customers complete transactions.

If your customers feel connected with your brand, you can achieve a higher lifetime value, and they are more likely to stick with you for longer. Human brains run on electrical pulses. So, once people hear stories, their brains light up.

For example, if you make customers the hero of your brand story, they tend to imagine themselves using and reaping the benefits of your products. In other words, it helps them make buying decisions.

  1. Use Social Proof 

The concept of social proof drives the customer to view a behavior as more correct to the point that they end up performing it. Testimonials and customer reviews serve as powerful sales tools to build credibility.

If your brand is all about helping clients or interacting with them, you can show your clients’ feedback and results to your prospects. For example, if you are a consultant or coach, offer them a proof that “This could be you.”

  1. Avoid Overwhelming Customers with Options 
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Giving your customer tons of options to choose from is never a good idea. When stimuli and choices are removed, customers can make buying decisions more quickly.

In other words, if you give your customers more options, they take a longer time to choose one or worse, they do not decide at all. Instead, give them just one CTA to help them decide more quickly.

  1. Tap into “Fear of Missing Out”

For sure, you came to the point that you go curios about why Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales are so popular among shoppers. Well, it is obvious that the prices are low. However, urgency and scarcity are more powerful, particularly in terms of buying behavior.

Customers’ typical reactions to scarcity hinder their ability to think. Plus, they believe that scarce items are more popular.

  1. Practice Authenticity 

Authenticity can make your brand more relatable. It is normal for people to trust what is the same to them instead of the things that are different.

For example, you can add an About section in the sales pages or create an About page on the website. Providing your customers with a well-written About page can make them feel they know you. In return, it builds loyalty while creating a better customer experience.

  1. Customer Care More About What They Lose than What They Win 

People care more about losing five pounds than earning five pounds. If you know that customers care more about what they will miss, you should tell them about the benefits they will miss if they do not buy from you.

Make a list of all the benefits of your products or services. Then, rephrase it showing your customers or prospects that they will miss them if they do not purchase your product.

  1. Be Consistent 

Most people will not buy from your the first time they visit your site. Do not just turn a blind eye; act and do something about it.

If visitors leave your website, ensure to collect details you can use to keep in touch with them. That is why it is critical to invest time in building a list of subscribers. Ensure to provide your subscribers with good, compelling content until they are ready to buy from you.

  1. Implement Mystery 

In mystery selling, you do not have to trick your customers. For example, if you have a business idea in mind, like launching a new product, tell your customers you are currently working on it.

Now, you have to set up a mail list to subscribe to get tips on what your new offering is about. Of course, you have to reach those expectations. Keep in mind that its human nature to get curious, significantly if something benefits them.


The psychology of sales is one of the critical factors that help a business boost its sales. You have to understand how you think and act when buying a product to tweak how you show your products or services and then entice your audience.