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Your brand of body cosmetics. Creation secrets

The range of cosmetic products for the body is no less wide than for the face. Creams, serums, oils, fluids, tonics, balms are designed to maintain its ideal appearance, beauty and health. By launching a series of your own body cosmetics, you get the opportunity to implement many interesting ideas and offer customers a really useful, high-quality product with a unique composition.

Where to start? First of all, you should decide on the price category. Subject to the choice of the right strategy for promoting the product, competent pricing and decent quality of the product, you can equally successfully sell both budget cosmetics for the body and elite series. And our experts will be happy to help you, share their knowledge and experience.

What will be included in your brand? It would be quite reasonable to collect several types of cosmetics in one line, united by a common name, the predominant ingredient, and action. For example, with extracts of various exotic fruits, for men or children, anti-cellulite series, for sensitive skin, etc. It is advisable not to limit yourself to 2-3 items, but to collect everything from A to Z for comprehensive care.

Types of body cosmetics

The daily body care kit includes shower gel, moisturizer or milk. Peels and scrubs are used less frequently – once or twice a week. Soft abrasives cleanse the skin of keratinized particles, make it smooth, even, young. Special creams and serums have a directed action – regenerating, whitening, moisturizing, anti-cellulite. They are used in courses or with a certain frequency. Before and after cosmetic or hygiene procedures, appropriate body cosmetics are recommended: creams and gels after shaving, waxing and laser hair removal. And on vacation at sea, sunscreen cosmetics for the body with different levels of protection against ultraviolet radiation will be indispensable.

Butters have appeared on the market relatively recently. Unlike conventional body creams, they have the most dense consistency due to the increased concentration of oils. Provide intensive protection and hydration not for 8-12 hours, but up to 36 hours.

Sugaring pastes are produced for both salon and home use. They are a viscous substance of sugar. Sometimes sugar is replaced with honey, molasses, fructose. Essential oils, extracts of medicinal herbs make the process less painful and more pleasant, provide additional skin nutrition.

Beauty products, of course, are not able to solve the problem of excess weight. But in combination with a proper nutrition and fitness system, they will help improve results. The composition of slimming creams includes substances that stimulate the outflow of blood, burning fat, increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. These are caffeine, extracts of algae, green tea, horse chestnut, clay, rutin, vitamin K, etc.

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Once you have decided, together with marketers, which body cosmetics you want to produce under your own brand, assessed the risks and identified the target audience, it’s time to start formulating. For each product, our technologists create completely new, exclusive formulations. Of course, this requires a certain amount of time for the selection of raw materials, laboratory tests, refinement of the formula, etc. But the result is worth it!

If you decide to choose contract manufacturing of cosmetics with us, then all further steps – costing, production of trial and serial batches, quality control, packaging, packaging, certification, sending to a warehouse or distribution network will be taken over by our company.