Your brand of body cosmetics. Creation secrets

The range of cosmetic products for the body is no less wide than for the face. Creams, serums, oils, fluids, tonics, balms are designed to maintain its ideal appearance, beauty and health. By launching a series of your own body cosmetics, you get the opportunity to implement many interesting ideas and offer customers a really useful, high-quality product with a unique composition.

Where to start? First of all, you should decide on the price category. Subject to the choice of the right strategy for promoting the product, competent pricing and decent quality of the product, you can equally successfully sell both budget cosmetics for the body and elite series. And our experts will be happy to help you, share their knowledge and experience.

What will be included in your brand? It would be quite reasonable to collect several types of cosmetics in one line, united by a common name, the predominant ingredient, and action. For example, with extracts of various exotic fruits, for men or children, anti-cellulite series, for sensitive skin, etc. It is advisable not to limit yourself to 2-3 items, but to collect everything from A to Z for comprehensive care.

Types of body cosmetics

The daily body care kit includes shower gel, moisturizer or milk. Peels and scrubs are used less frequently – once or twice a week. Soft abrasives cleanse the skin of keratinized particles, make it smooth, even, young. Special creams and serums have a directed action – regenerating, whitening, moisturizing, anti-cellulite. They are used in courses or with a certain frequency. Before and after cosmetic or hygiene procedures, appropriate body cosmetics are recommended: creams and gels after shaving, waxing and laser hair removal. And on vacation at sea, sunscreen cosmetics for the body with different levels of protection against ultraviolet radiation will be indispensable.

Butters have appeared on the market relatively recently. Unlike conventional body creams, they have the most dense consistency due to the increased concentration of oils. Provide intensive protection and hydration not for 8-12 hours, but up to 36 hours.

Sugaring pastes are produced for both salon and home use. They are a viscous substance of sugar. Sometimes sugar is replaced with honey, molasses, fructose. Essential oils, extracts of medicinal herbs make the process less painful and more pleasant, provide additional skin nutrition.

Beauty products, of course, are not able to solve the problem of excess weight. But in combination with a proper nutrition and fitness system, they will help improve results. The composition of slimming creams includes substances that stimulate the outflow of blood, burning fat, increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. These are caffeine, extracts of algae, green tea, horse chestnut, clay, rutin, vitamin K, etc.

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Once you have decided, together with marketers, which body cosmetics you want to produce under your own brand, assessed the risks and identified the target audience, it’s time to start formulating. For each product, our technologists create completely new, exclusive formulations. Of course, this requires a certain amount of time for the selection of raw materials, laboratory tests, refinement of the formula, etc. But the result is worth it!

If you decide to choose contract manufacturing of cosmetics with us, then all further steps – costing, production of trial and serial batches, quality control, packaging, packaging, certification, sending to a warehouse or distribution network will be taken over by our company.

Business from scratch: cosmetics store

At all times, it was very important for women to take care of themselves and look good. Cosmetics are commodities that are as resilient to crises as food and clothing. Therefore, this business attracts many entrepreneurs.

In large cities today, most of the market is occupied by networks. It is extremely difficult to compete with them, their assortment is diverse, prices are low and, in addition, there are exclusive goods. There is less and less space for individual shops. However, it is quite possible to open a cosmetics and perfumery store in a smaller city, which the chains have not yet reached.

Assortment of perfumery and cosmetics store:

The assortment should be given special attention, because many women use products only of certain brands, and if they are not available, you will lose some of the buyers. Your store must have well-known brands of cosmetics and perfumes. They are well bought, manufacturers spend a lot of money on advertising. By putting such goods on the shelves of the store, you risk nothing. However, having all the famous brands in your store is probably not going to work. This is due to the fact that some of them are sold exclusively in any networks. Historically, these networks were created specifically to distribute specific brands of cosmetics. As for global brands, they have certain requirements for the stores where their goods will be sold, and your store may not satisfy them.

Do not worry about problems with the delivery of cosmetics of foreign brands from abroad and customs clearance. Most companies do not sell goods directly, but use the services of distributors. Exclusive distributors in the country, as a rule, are only for manufacturers of cosmetics with a price range above the average. As for the cheap one, you will have no problem finding a wholesaler. You can always ask him for data on the most popular products and buy them for your store. Do not sell fakes under famous brands. Those who use them will be able to immediately feel the difference and will not come to your store again, and you will have regular problems with regulatory authorities.

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The main thing is sales:

A cosmetics and perfume store can have two types of customers: those who want to buy cheap goods and those who want to buy expensive brands. Of course, it’s good if you can meet the needs of both types of customers. But if not, you need to choose only one option and focus on it. The experience of large chain stores shows that outdoor advertising is the most effective. Therefore, it is better not to reinvent the wheel, but to use a ready-made solution. In addition, gift certificates work as advertising, which friends can give each other, say, for a birthday. The design of the store and the arrangement of goods on the shelves (what is called today the buzzword merchandising) is an important component of the success of a cosmetics and perfumery store. You will need to hire an employee responsible for this, preferably with extensive experience. In addition, it will not be superfluous to have testers for decorative cosmetics and perfumes in the store.

Customer Retention:

A lot of resources and effort are spent on attracting customers, so in order to increase the return on advertising costs, they must be retained by all means. Usually, a discount card with a cumulative system is used for this purpose. It is assumed that when choosing from several stores, the buyer will choose the one in which he has a discount. In addition, the fact that the discount increases with the increase in the total amount of purchases in the store also stimulates demand. According to statistics, the majority of shoppers in stores are women. And even more so in cosmetics stores. But do not discount the strong half of humanity. Sell ​​gift sets – and you will be able to buy gifts for wives for birthdays, New Year and March 8th.

What you need to do to open a cosmetics and perfumery store:

The most important success factor when opening a cosmetics and perfumery store is the good location of the store. It should be located in a passing place: on the main street or in a large shopping center. If the store is located on a quiet side street, then even high advertising costs will not improve the situation. Shopping in cosmetics stores is often impulsive, so you need to get as many potential buyers as possible to see your establishment. The qualifications of sellers have a big impact on sales in cosmetics stores. You need to organize staff training.

Cosmetics stores, along with beauty salons, are typical business representatives for the wives of wealthy men. This means that some of your competitors may for a very long time to work without profit or even at a loss, since in this business they are more interested in interesting leisure activities, and not money. Opening a cosmetics and perfumery store does not mean becoming part of a beautiful life. This business will be beautiful only for buyers, and you will constantly have many difficulties, a small part of which is mentioned in this article. But for a purposeful and self-confident entrepreneur, nothing is impossible. With some effort, you can become the owner of a completely successful store.

A guide to micronutrients that the body needs

We understand the question: does our body really need additional vitamins and dietary supplements, and if so, in what quantity?

What are dietary supplements and vitamins?

Vitamins are organic substances thanks to which our body functions properly and all chemical reactions proceed without interference. Most vitamins (exceptions are vitamins D, K and B3) are not synthesized by the body itself. We get them through food. At the same time, the dose of vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the body is quite small – about 100 mg per day.

Dietary supplements are usually used to promote health, but not to treat diseases. There is also no evidence that dietary supplements are effective in cosmetology, help with hair growth and protect against brittle nails.

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What vitamins should children take?

Today, most doctors conclude that there is no need to prescribe an additional multivitamin to a child. The main thing is to create a diet that will include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, meat, fish and seafood.

Vitamins and supplements should be given to children who follow vegetarian, vegan, or other diets, as well as to those whose illnesses can cause nutritional deficiencies in the body. But in these cases, you need to select drugs only with your doctor, and not according to recommendations on the Internet.

How dietary supplements help

There are cases when dietary supplements are prescribed even for treatment. Of course, these are not herbal preparations, but supplements with some kind of active ingredient. Usually, a specialist prescribes such a treatment regimen when there is no access to suitable medications or a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements is proven. At the same time, dietary supplements, of course, do not treat chronic diseases.

Dietary supplements are also used in sports. With these additives, intensive loads are more easily tolerated.

If you are already taking dietary supplements, be sure to tell your doctor about it. Otherwise, there is a danger: the supplements may react with the medications that you will be prescribed.

Supplements for whom: vitamins and dietary supplements that will help prolong youth

The more we are offered to age beautifully and naturally, the more we want to delay this process. Nutraceuticals play an important role in maintaining youth. But before you go to the pharmacy or click the “buy” button in the online store, the doctor of preventive and anti-aging medicine will tell you about the rules for the safe use of vitamins and other supplements.

What rules for the safe use of vitamins?

Before you start taking vitamins, consider contraindications and select the dosage – this is an individual issue that is decided in consultation with your doctor. Do not engage in self-treatment and self-decoding of analyzes, it is better to contact specialists.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is involved in collagen synthesis and immune responses. In addition, taking vitamin C daily can help reduce anxiety and increase stress tolerance. It is important that it is non-synthetic.

Vitamin E

Here the same rule: the vitamin should not be synthetic, but obtained from natural sources. In this case, the label usually says d-alpha-tocopherol, alpha tocopheryl acetate, and d-alpha tocopheryl succinate. Vitamin E is one of the key anti-aging factors, a participant in immune processes and a guarantee of skin and eye health.


Magnesium normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, reduces cortisol levels and relieves stress. It does not stay in the body, especially in stressful conditions, and needs stable replenishment. Lack of magnesium leads to sleep disturbance, cramps and spasms in the legs, apathy, depression and migraines. Again, pay attention to the form of magnesium (glycinate, citrate, malate, magnesium taurate, etc.): each has additional “special effects”.

Vitamin D

This is the main must-have for youth and health. I will break my rule of not talking about dosages, because the daily norm should be at least 5000 units, and ideally, you need to pass an analysis for 25-OH in order to take an adequate and working dose of the drug. Vitamin D deficiency leads to weakened immunity, apathy, depression, negatively affects the absorption of calcium, which affects the quality of skin, hair, nails, and bones. In addition, without it, the full synthesis of all steroid hormones and the work of genes that modulate the aging processes of cells and tissues is impossible. Forms can be different: water, oil, capsules, liposomal. Choose with your doctor the one that suits you.

Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids – yes, exactly omega-3, and not 3-6-9 and not fish oil from a pharmacy. Omega-3 acids EPA and DHA have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, enter the structure of cell membranes, help strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reducing the negative effects of stress, fight apathy, depression, prevent the appearance of cholesterol plaques, and are antioxidants. The daily dose should be at least 1000 mg (EPA+DHA).


Collagen, combined with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, maintains skin elasticity and firmness. It is important that the levels of iron, copper, chromium and zinc are normal, and the digestive tract functions correctly.

B vitamins

These vitamins need to be taken for the stable functioning of the cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems, the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to combat stress and normalize cortisol levels. B vitamins are water-soluble, so overdosing is almost impossible.


The substance is involved in the metabolism of cholesterol, prevents its deposition on the walls of blood vessels and, when properly combined with other nutraceuticals, perfectly reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Lecithin is egg, soy, and sunflower, it suits almost everyone and is perfectly absorbed, so you will notice the effect immediately.


It effectively protects the immune system by maintaining the integrity of lymphocytes and red blood cells. Its deficiency in the body literally makes a hole in the immune system and threatens health. This is the most powerful antioxidant that is involved in many metabolic processes, ensures the removal of toxins and prevents the development of cancer.


This group includes curcumin, Rhodiola rosea, Peruvian Maca, Ashwagandha. The need for a specific drug and dosage are determined at the doctor’s appointment. Also, do not forget about probiotics, because they ensure the health and diversity of the intestinal microbiota and, accordingly, good immunity, vigor, stress resistance, etc.


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